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Proguard Duracover floor protection system from Scofield
Use Proguard Duracover for superior floor protection

What a customer said about Proguard Duracover:

"I was in an office in Hilo yesterday where I had sold your Proguard Duracover. They were cutting some concrete around an elevator shaft and the floor was a random quartzite. The guys loved the Proguard! They used it three times before tossing it out.

It caught the slurry from the saws as they were cutting concrete. They shoveled concrete off the Proguard with flat shovels. His comment was "The price of the Proguard was way less than the price of the cleanup we usually have in situations like this.....and we used it three times......and duct tape works really well on the Proguard also." He said there were lots of folks asking what that material was and impressed at how well it performs."

-- Tom Adams, Bonded Materials


Scofield is your single source for architectural concrete products, including concrete colors and color dispensing systems, concrete texturing and stamping tools, concrete protection products including sealers and floor protection, polished concrete systems and much more. Read our article "Concrete Color Options - New Pour vs Existing Concrete" to get a better understanding of the different types of coloring systems available.

Scofield at the 2019 World of Concrete

Jan. 22-25, Las Vegas Convention Center
It's time once again for the World of Concrete, the industry's biggest trade show, and this year brings some exciting changes. The most important change is that Scofield will be in the Sika Decorative Concrete booth along with... do you know who? You'll just have to come see us at booth #O41020 in the outside lot to find out!

Here's another question for you: Did you know that Sika Scofield offers the most extensive line of concrete color dispensers in the industry? Our all-new, small footprint, fast dispensing machines set the industry standard for color on demand. So come see our latest CHROMIX-It 404 Granular Color Dispenser in action.

Sika Scofield Concrete Color Dispensers

New and Popular Products and Finishes from Scofield

Sika Scofield LITHOCAST Surface Retarder

LITHOCAST™ Surface Retarder
Are you looking for a great surface finish for architectural concrete? Take a look at LITHOCAST Surface Retarder, available in six formulations.

Applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete, LITHOCAST Surface Retarder chemically delays the set of the surface mortar while allowing the underlying concrete to harden normally. This allows time for removal of the surface mortar, revealing exposed aggregate with subtle and varying levels of texture and color. Learn more.

Sika Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete

Formula One™ Polished Concrete System
Dyed and Polished concrete is a favorite choice for architects and building owners alike, due to its aesthetic appeal, durability and low-maintenance characteristics. Often used to transform an older existing concrete floor, the Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete System is a complete set of products that can be used to color, harden, and protect concrete floors in office, retail, and food service settings. Learn more.
Sika Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete

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Over 100 years ago Scofield pioneered the Engineered Systems approach to decorative concrete manufacturing, and we've been the most specified brand of concrete color ever since. Scofield has spent decades providing architects with products that reflect our core values of innovation, quality, dependability and service. Our architectural concrete coloring, texturing and performance systems bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, allowing the architect/designer to achieve both performance goals and design intent. Now Scofield is part of Sika Corporation, where we continue to develop new technologies to make architectural concrete stronger, more versatile, more sustainable and more visually appealing.