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CHROMIX-It® 404 MER Granular Dispenser - Ready Mix Color Center | Back

Introducing the all-new Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It®-404 MER Granular Color Dispenser for Ready Mix Producers.
With a space-saving 6' x 6' footprint, you can fit this fast, efficient color machine just about anywhere.

  • Low maintenance, gravity-driven dispenser
  • Simple touchscreen operation
  • Refills from front
  • Fast pigment delivery
  • Accurate and consistent weight from batch to batch
  • Easy setup and maintenance, less than 8 hours from delivery to startup
  • Runs on standard 110V, 15 amp power
  • Weatherproofing optional for exposed installations

    Sika Scofield's CHROMIX-It® 404 MER Color Center: Simple dependable color in a smaller footprint. All standard colors of CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete, SCOFIELD® Integral Color SG, and other color cross-references are stored in the Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 404 MER Color Center’s memory.

    System Highlights:

  • 10 cubic yard weigh-up of full truck weigh-up for most colors less than 2 minutes
  • Footprint: 6' x 6' x 11'-3" tall, 15'-9" high clearance required to refill
  • Uses 2,200 lb. supersacks, 1,540 lbs. for yellow
  • A label printer for records is included
  • Calibrated weighing system
  • All replacement parts stocked by Sika Scofield
  • Can be configured to discharge at the boot or standalone
  • Transport time to truck typically less than 2 minutes

    Scofield CHROMIX-It 404MER

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