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Scofield concrete color - Changing the Way the World Looks at Concrete.
LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters®
Concrete Pattern & Texture Tools | Interior or Exterior | Freshly Placed Concrete
LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters® are an integral part of a system of matched concrete and overlayment pattern and embossing tools used to transform the surface texture of freshly placed architectural concrete flatwork into patterns that mimic other building materials and artistic patterns. By combining the structural strength and wear resistance of concrete with the look of other paving materials, they create natural appearing, low-maintenance, textured surfaces in a wide variety of imprinted patterns.

Stamped concrete is both easier to install and more cost-effective than other paving materials. For existing concrete, a stampable overlay that can be textured or stenciled to provide a new surface texture may be used. Stamped concrete should always be colored to achieve the most realistic appearance. There are several ways to color stamped concrete, with the most common being a combination of LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener and LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release Pro.

Where to use LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters®:

  • Walkways
  • Patios and pool decks
  • Food courts
  • Driveways and parking pads
  • Shopping centers
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    LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters®

    LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters® with CHROMIX® Admixtures

    LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters® with LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener

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    Sika Scofield concrete color - Changing the Way the World Looks at Concrete.
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